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Busy Bees

Busy Bees: 2+ years to 3+ years old

Busy Bees: 8:00 am to 12:30 pm



Our main goals are:

■ to help the students develop their social and communication skills through interaction with others, while fostering a strong sense of self

■ to further develop pre-literacy skills to prepare for a strong foundation in reading and writing


Our Busy Bees Class builds on the foundation begun in our Toddler Class (Tiny Tots) through a range of interesting and hands-on experiences that assist in their social, physical and cognitive development. The ability to follow routines will be strengthened by continual exposure over the course of the year. We will also continue to expose our students to early literacy skills with a focus on early phonics awareness with exposure to individual letter sounds. These skills are taught using fun, original teaching materials, designed specifically for this age group.

A range of themes will also be taught throughout the course of the year, which will both review the content taught in Tiny Tots and introduce new vocabulary and concepts. Sensory exploration is key to the teaching of our original theme curriculum, as is the opportunity for imaginative play.

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